Purebred Red Toy Poodle Stud Service Sydney, NSW



Type : Stud Service
Location : Emu Plains, NSW

Purebred Red Toy Poodle Stud Service Sydney, NSW DNA CLEAR (Oodle stud dog)


Experienced red toy poodle stud 4.5Kg (Photos 1, 2, and 3) service offering natural matings, onsite AI and TCI (can meet at our local reproduction specialist vet). Proven mini groodle stud, toy labradoodle stud, moodle stud, bichoodle stud, mini bordoodle stud, Bernedoodles stud, kelpipoo stud, cavoodle stud, spoodle stud etc.

Chilled and frozen semen also available to purchase for interstate clients.Stud fee includes up to 2 matings or onsite inseminations.Photos 4-14 are of his puppies.DNA clear of all diseases associated with the toy poodle, tested through Orivet and Hip and Elbow scored with better than breed average scores.

We have more than 30 years of experience in dog breeding.

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Copies of the stud’s DNA testing and hip and elbow scores are provided to clients to include in their puppy packs. Carries two copies of the ‘furnishing’ gene, therefore his puppies are all teddy bear coated (fluffy faces, legs and feet) and he cannot produce smooth-coated puppies. This makes him ideal for breeding with all breeds including smooth-coated breeds like cavoodle, cavalier king charles spaniels, Maltese terriers labradors, spaniels, border collies etc.

Reliably provides excellent fresh semen collections for artificial insemination.

Stud fee of $800 includes up to two natural matings or onsite AI’s (2 fresh semen collections).

Onsite AI is available (no additional charge) -AI (artificial insemination) for larger females can be done on-site – no additional charge but females must be under control, not aggressive and relaxed while AI is carried out.

 If this is not possible – we can meet at the vet for AI (fees below). Meet at repro specialist vet for AI or TCI -For clients wanting to meet at Colyton Vet for TCI (transcervical insemination) or AI – stud fee is $800 for two fresh semen collections and a $200 travel fee applies to meet at Colyton Vet for the two collections. (This does not include the vet fee for the TCI or AI, please contact Colyton vet for their fees).

**OCT 22 – 11 Mini Groodle Puppies, the result of two artificial inseminations with a standard groodle girl.

**JULY22 – A record 15 puppies with a standard poodle (via onsite AI) colours include ruby & reds the result of 2 onsite AI’s.

**JULY 22 – 10 mini labradoodle puppies born as a result of a TCI at Colyton Vet.

**FEB 22 – 9 mini labradoodle puppies sired by Piccolo by TCI with a labrador from a single fresh semen collection.

**JAN 22 – 6 toy cavoodle puppies sired by Piccolo by a single TCI at Colyton Vet.

**OCT 21 – 8 mini bordoodles sired by Piccolo (TCI at Colyton Vet)

**JUN 21- litter of 12 mini Labradoodles puppies born, result of 2 onsite AI’s with labrador female with Piccolo.

**NOV 21 – litter of 10 mini labradoodles born as a result of a single TCI at Colyton Vet.

Excellent health. He has a thick, curly non-shedding wool coat. Structurally sound and beautiful conformation. Confident and optimistic temperament,  puppies are very sweet-natured and produces non-shedding puppies. He is fed a holistic diet and enjoys living inside the house as our family companion.

Stud fee is payable at the time of the first mating or before fresh semen collection.It’s important that the owner of the female, organises the timing of the mating to coincide with when she is ovulating. This normally occurs 9-14 days after the female starts bleeding but the most precise indicator of when she will ovulate is with a progesterone blood test, carried out by a vet. At a cost of approximately $60, progesterone tests save time and ensure you’re mating your female when she is most fertile. If your female does not fall pregnant – you will need to submit a letter from a licensed vet from 7-8 week gestation X ray with microchip number included; to be submitted within 8 weeks from the time of first mating/insemination, we will offer ONE return service on her next cycle



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Safety tips for deal
  1. Meet at a safe location
  2. Don't exchange money until stud service is provided successfully (at time of AI or natural mating).
  3. Beware of unrealistic offers